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People enter psychotherapy for many reasons—from general issues such as anxiety and low self-esteem to specific problems such as family conflict and difficulty reaching career goals. Psychotherapy can also be useful to those who feel they are “not living up to expectations.”

Sand BeachPsychotherapy is a collaborative relationship. Because individuals’ problems often arise in their interpersonal environments, my goal is to provide a safe therapeutic relationship as an important aspect of helping you to feel better. I try to create an atmosphere in which you feel understood, supported, and respected.

I am a caring psychologist with over eighteen years of clinical experience. My expertise includes helping those with depression, loneliness, shame, and relationship difficulties. I also have extensive experience working with attorneys, creative artists, children, and adolescents. In particular, I specialize in helping infertility patients, pregnant women, new mothers (adjusting to new motherhood and post-partum depression), and women who have suffered pregnancy loss. I also conduct psychotherapy with couples.

During early sessions, we explore together your history and what brought you to therapy; then you are invited to talk freely about your concerns. This is an interactive process, and I will let you know my reactions to what you say. Whether we work with specific problems or with general ongoing issues in any particular session, the goal of therapy is the same: to help you to change your life so that you feel more fulfilled.