Attorneys and Creative Artists

Though I work with people who face a variety of problems, certain professions entail specific concerns. Over the course of my career, I have dealt extensively with attorneys and creative artists.


As an attorney, you may be successful professionally, yet certain difficult issues can arise. Psychotherapy can help you to:

Sand Beach• Become more effective at work
• Develop better relationships, either personally or at work
• Better cope with a pressured professional environment
• Develop a fulfilling personal life—for example, making time for social life, recreation,
   or personal fulfillment
• Modify your expectations about your professional life
• Think through concerns about whether to remain in the legal field

creative artists

If you are in an artistic field, therapy can help you to:

• Balance your artistic pursuits with economic needs (for example, finding a day job)
• Work through an artistic block
• Develop the self-confidence necessary to discovering your own voice
• Find the time for your art amid life's many competing demands, such as a job or relationships
• Understand your own creative process
• Find your own way to measure artistic success
• Understand your conflicting feelings about marketing your art

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